Eric Toth-Asset Resolution Trust

Eric Toth

Chief Financial Officer

As the CFO for several companies, including service, retail, and international construction companies, Eric Toth has oversight of financial strategy in global construction operations, designing procedures, creating policies, managing and conducting audits, and managing banking, bonding and 3rd party external relationships in a culturally diverse and 24-hour operational setting.

Eric started his career in south Florida banking after completing a bank’s formal credit training process. His career began managing both an FDIC loss share and a criticized loan portfolio in early 1990. He last managed a team of lenders in two offices for another FDIC loss share criticized loan portfolio which included managing appraisals, risk ratings, accrual and past due status, loan maturities and shared national credits.

He has an MBA from Florida International University (FIU) and is a US Navy Veteran.