At ART, we facilitate the goals of both note buyers and sellers.  We devise and execute strategies to help both buyers and sellers maximize their investment returns.

With our decades of experience, we quickly identify buyers that are willing to pay the current market value for available notes which help sellers dispose of assets in a discreet and efficient manner, respecting sellers’ monthly and quarterly goals.   We are able to provide full due diligence and reliable pricing guidance  affording buyers a means to provide realistic and executable offers an asset manager can rely on.

The principals of ART have over 60 years of lending, loan structuring/credit, and workout experience to guide buyers and sellers through the hands-on note sale/purchase process.   ART’s team of vast relationships includes a diverse pool of highly vetted note investors/purchasers.  The depth of ART’s database of note buyers ensures our clients will receive the best possible terms for their asset sale quickly and with the utmost discretion.

ART identifies available commercial real estate notes and the lender’s asking price.

ART identifies the loan characteristics that should lead to an investment return within or beyond the buyer’s targeted return range.

ART assists potential buyers with gathering the due diligence required to purchase a note or portfolio of notes.

ART assists buyers with calculating an offer and negotiating a purchase price.