Some our services include helping oversee the management and disposition of failed savings and loans and their assets.

We also offer the task of managing and liquidating the assets proved by us, We mandate the liquidate assets, including real estate, as quickly as possible, even if a higher price might be obtained by holding the assets and managing sales over a longer period of time. Billions of dollars of real estate is handled by us on a monthly basis with these services offered to you

Buyer Resources

  • ART has direct, decades-long access to decision makers at many South Florida institutions.
  • ART has already negotiated the best price available for individual or portfolio assets. Once an agreement is met, a quick closing is assured.
  • ART has the necessary expertise to manage a problem portfolio and maximize ROI during holding period.
  • ART has experience managing non-performing assets in various markets outside of South Florida during severe economic downturns.

Seller Resources

  • ART commits to dealing with the highest level of discretion possible.
  • ART has the capacity to handle note sales as small as one individual note all the way to multiple portfolios of notes.
  • ART handles all purchase communications, minimizing the amount of time dedicated to selling notes.
  • ART has vetted cash buyers that are able to close quickly.
  • ART has access to capital throughout the US and other countries. Most buyers already have an economic investment in real estate in the US.
  • Sellers know the principals of ART and trust in their ability to execute and honor their commitment.

Additionally, we hire private sector contractors who understand Asset Resolution Trust Agreements to manage and dispose of assets from failed financial institutions.

We can also remove the barriers to completion of the independent auditors’ final reviews by requesting that its oversight managers work with contractors to ensure that their record keeping complies with contract requirements before the independent auditors conduct their final reviews.